Take Your Status To A Higher Altitude

Commitment to Service

Status Jet has stayed focused on serving the unique needs of the luxury market. Today, that commitment is stronger than ever. We are committed to upholding our core principles: To be a premier luxury service provider of private aircraft charter and sales, dedicated to providing our customers with the finest and safest aircraft in the industry, and offering superior client service!

Safety First

Safety First

We believe safety is the most important part of any flight.  When you can rely on a smooth flight from take off to landing, it is easier to enjoy the unique amenities available on each aircraft. Each Status Jet aircraft and flight crew strictly adheres to rigorous FAA Part 135 Regulations, and the benchmark ARGUS Gold and Platinum standards. With a focus on safety and reliability first, we ensure you can sit back, relax and enjoy your private jet charter.

Take Flight

Our goal isn’t just to get you from A to B. We aim to bring fun and fascination back to the flying experience. At Status Jet, we have years of experience in the skies that give us the knowledge it takes to get you ready for an exceptional take off.

Status Jet is committed to providing exceptional service that meets the unique needs of our clients and passengers. We are dedicated to combining the finest and safest aircrafts in the industry with our unparalleled level of customer service, for a unique flight every time.

Core Values

These values define what truly matters to our organization, and guide how we perform on the ground and in the air.

Safety First To Last

From our high standards in selecting only the best operators, to our strict compliance to only utilize the best maintained aircrafts, Status Jet puts your safety before anything else.

Above & Beyond Service

Your flight is our destination. When you fly with Status Jet, we focus on giving you a once in a lifetime journey that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.

In-Flight Enjoyment

Flying should be fun. We love the anticipation we feel before each take off, and want you to feel that same excitement when you are on your way.

We Personalize Luxury

From your choice of any jet in our fleet, to making sure we have your favorite bottle of champagne on ice, we want your flight to be personalized for you.

Elevated Reliability

We have years of experience in the personal and charter aircraft industry that gives us the knowledge and tools to make sure your jet is properly cared for from the day you purchase to the day you decide to sell.

Get in Touch With Us

We are here to elevate the status of our clients and passengers. At Status Jet, we are excited to meet new people and take them to new destinations in a way you can’t experience with anyone else. We have two offices to better serve you.


Born deep in the heart of Texas, our Dallas office is conveniently located in one of the countries largest cities to provide endless possibilities for your experience.

Las Vegas, NV

Located in the Entertainment Capital of the World our Las Vegas office is right off The Strip.

Houston, TX


We believe that doing what you love makes life more fun. At Status Jet, we are always looking for men and women who enjoy experiencing a new level of excitement and service.If you are ready to take flight with a dedicated team that strives for excellence both on and off the ground, please fill out the form below. We can’t wait to fly with you!

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