Management & Consulting

Jets are meant to bring us to a new level of status and adventure. Owning your own aircraft is the ultimate investment towards a life of luxury. Status Jet knows the importance of maintaining your investments. We understand the time that is required to maximize your return, and we understand wasting time is not something you can afford.

Our management consultant team can help develop the right solution for your jet, and we will work with you so that you can relax knowing we will help you make the most of your investment.

Our Management Services


Safety is the most important criteria in selecting a management company. When it comes to the safety of your aircraft, Status Jet will ask each management company:

  • What is the company‚Äôs accident, incident and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) violation history?
  • If an accident, incident or violation occurred, how did the company respond to it?
  • Is there a Safety Management System (SMS) in place?
  • Is there a safety officer in position that reports directly to the president of the company?
  • Does the company have a third party audit?

We want to know that the company responsible for the well-being of your jet is capable of managing the responsibilities necessary to keep it in flight. We make sure your management company:

  • Has experience managing your type of aircraft.
  • Provides necessary protection and storage.
  • Can take care of necessary certifications and maintenance.
  • Understands your specific goals for your aircraft.
Flight Operations

Your interests are our first priority, and we work with management companies to get you the best return on your investment. Based on your needs, Status Jet will:

  • Ensure you are the only person utilizing your jet if you choose Part 91 management.
  • Help negotiate Part 135 Charter commissions and revenue splits.
  • Make sure your jet is always available for use by you under Part 135 management.
Management Fees

We evaluate how each company charges for its services and on what schedule you are expected to make payments. We look into:

  • How transparent is its accounting and reporting?
  • Does it establish separate operating accounts for each owner?
  • Does it mark up on any parts or services?
Service Discounts

With a large investment like a jet, it is important to find savings whenever possible. We look into any discounts offered by the managing company to see:

  • What fleet discounts it can offer clients.
  • Are there savings when using other services or chartering?
  • What maintenance discounts can you receive?

Management Inquiry