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You are going on a trip and need air travel. You start looking at commercial airlines at Dallas Love Field and DFW International Airport and instantly you start getting overwhelmed. You start planning the hours ahead of your flight that you need to be at the airport, how you will get to the airport, transportation at your destination, how many bags you will have, making sure you have headphones, phones are charged, and movies are downloaded. The list goes on for preparing for this flight.

For a brief second, you might consider flying on a private jet however, it’s only for an exclusive luxury lifestyle, right? It’s not something that you could do.

Wrong! While flying private through Status Jet, does offer luxury and convenience for the rich and famous, there is so much more you should know. It’s very possible to elevate your status with Status Jet anywhere in the world.  

Below are seven things that you didn’t know about flying private with Status Jet.

1. Private Jets Have Access to More Airports/Small Towns

The private jet industry is thriving partly because of having access to 10 times as many airports as commercial airlines. Private jets serve over 5,000 airports in the U.S. versus commercial airlines who only have access to 500 airports.

This is true throughout the entire world; private jets have more accessibility to airports than commercial airlines. This is important when you want to travel to a smaller town or location where there isn’t a larger airline.

While you often associate private jets with Hollywood and the famous, 80% of business flights are to and from small communities that only private jets have access to. Believe it or not, private jets are not just for CEOs, 86% of these flights are transporting engineering, marketing, sales, middle management personnel, and customers.

2. The Super Bowl is the Most Traveled Event by Private Jets

Fly Private to a sports event with Status Jet

Events are a major use of private jets. Not just the athletes and performers but by those who are attending these events. Events like the Super Bowl, the Kentucky Derby, and U.S. Masters Golf Championships are among the highest traveled events by private jet.

Fun fact: The Super Bowl on February 3, 2019, in Atlanta, GA is the most traveled event by private jet. The most recent Super Bowls have seen between 1,000 to 1,500 private jets flying into the host city.

3. Private Jets Are Fast

This is absolutely true! There is a misconception that private jet travel takes longer to reach your destination. Fact of the matter is, private jets can be faster than commercial flights based on the speed of the jet, the size, and its features.

Furthermore, when you travel privately, you avoid the long lines at the airport waiting to go through security. You also have a much faster boarding time. This means that you are spending most of your time in the air and not dealing with the chaos of major airports.

Flights are also more direct when flying privately which can save you a tremendous amount of time and energy by not having to make unnecessary stops.

4. It Can be Cheaper Than First-Class Flights

Depending on how many people you are traveling with, it can be cheaper to travel on a private jet with a group of people. Rather than trying to book first-class tickets, try looking to Status Jet for a charter for your group.

The price can be evenly split between your group which brings down the cost to a lower rate than booking first-class tickets on a commercial flight.

Contact Status Jet to see how you can have a better experience on your next group trip.

Exceptional service with Status Jet

5. Private Jets Have the Best Service to Offer

Status Jet offers the best services you can have. You start with a relaxing and crowd-free experience. There is no stress or worry when arriving to the airport.

You can also have catering on your travel. There is no need to stress about this, Status Jet takes care of all the planning. Having a meal while traveling can add a luxurious feel to your experience. You can request personalized meals for your entire flight.

You don’t have to worry about layovers or schedules since it’s just you and your schedule during your flight. You can even schedule the time of your flight to catch those gorgeous sunset views at your destination.

Private jets are the ultimate experience.

The best part is you will arrive relaxed and refreshed to your destination since you won’t have to deal with long lines, schedules changing, people kicking your seat, or a stranger talking loudly 2 rows up.

6. Safety is Priority When Flying With Private Jets

A common myth among Private Jets is that mid-size planes are less safe than larger commercial airlines. This just isn’t true, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic.

Private jets have the same travel guidelines and safety regulations as commercial flights. But many private jet companies are stricter and have higher maintenance standards for safety. Private jets tend to be younger planes with newer technology that can reach your destination faster than a commercial plane.

And when you fly on a private jet you always know who and what is always on your flight. This should give you peace of mind and allow you to enjoy the flight.

7. Cleanest Air Quality in Aviation

Not only are private jets set up with either HEPA filters or a completely open-air exchange (no filter needed), but their cleanliness also outperforms commercial airlines on multiple grounds.

They carry fewer people, have longer downtime between trips (which means they get disinfected more carefully), and will often keep their air exchanges on full blast as soon as passengers get on board – even while the plane is sitting idle or taxiing.

Private jets contribute only 2% of the total carbon emissions from aviation and about 0.04% of the total global emissions. There’s not much more to say – some assume that private jets have wasteful emissions, but it could not be further from the truth.

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