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Close your eyes and feel the warmth from the sun spread over your face. As you take a deep breath the scent of the ocean breeze fills your lungs, forcing stress out of your body as you exhale. Listen to the waves crash while you take a sip of a craft cocktail and dig your toes into the soft white sand. Engage your five senses in a way that can only be done in the exotic Islands of Hawaii.

Skip the crowded plane and start the experience of a lifetime by booking private jet flights to Hawaii, one of the most cultured and desired vacation destinations in the world.

Things to Do in Hawaii

Explore Hawaii, a place rooted in history. With the stars as their only map, Polynesians landed in Hawaii over 1500 years ago. Since then, Hawaii has blended the eastern and western cultures in a way that makes it a destination unique from any other. Take a trip back in time on the island of Molokai where locals stay true to Aloha 'aina, a deep and long-lasting love for the land they inhabit, keeping the native Hawaiian culture alive. While there, visit the Kalaupapa National Historical Park where those with leprosy were banished centuries ago. Whether you’re taking in a performance from the Royal Hawaiian Band first created in 1896, visiting the Pearl Harbor Museum, or stepping into the past on a tour of Plantation Village, there is something for every history buff.

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Breathtaking views, lush forests, plunging waterfalls, and deep blue oceans are all at your fingertips in Hawaii. If you’re feeling adventurous, take a hike to the most active volcano in the world at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park or go ziplining on the island of Kauai, known to many as “The Garden Island”. Golfers, kayakers, horseback riders, snorkelers, and divers can step into their own blissful paradise on any of the six major islands.

The island of Lanai, just nine miles from Maui, offers a plethora of hiking opportunities and 18 miles of gorgeous beaches, just a short drive from some of the most beautiful resorts on the Islands. Here you can trek to Shipwreck Beach for incredible views of Molokai and Maui. From Maui take in views of humpback whales migrating in the winter, or surf the waves of the clearest waters in the summer.

Mouthwatering Cuisine in Hawaii

Your trip to Hawaii cannot be complete without experiencing a traditional luau, complete with Kalua pig, poke, music and joy; but what’s for dinner the rest of the week? Hawaii locals have an appreciation for the land that takes “farm-to-table” to a new level while maintaining its laid-back culture. Visit Hamura Saimin restaurant in Lihui, famous for the traditional and delectable Hawaiian Saimin soup, then head out to get some iconic shaved ice.

Hawaii Exotic Luxury Redefined

Whether you’re a world-class golfer, beach bunny, historian, or adventurer, the Islands give each person an experience that feels like it was handcrafted for them. Start your unique journey by booking your private jet flights to Hawaii now.

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