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When it comes to business travel, no one enjoys having to deal with commercial airlines. Employees and business owners feel the constraints of commercial airlines. Trying to book multiple tickets on the same flight, much less together. Having to deal with delays and scheduling outside of your control. Not being able to discuss or prep for your meeting beforehand.

The nuisance of flying commercial is common at any time, but especially during peak season and last-minute flights. If you are traveling to another state or even country for business, how else do you get there? Driving isn’t always something that can happen.

There is another option for your company, Status Jet. Here at Status Jet, we can take care of your business travel needs, including last-minute flights out of the country. Let us help your business get to the next level. Call us today: 469-423-6900

Benefits of Business Travel with Private Jets

With commercial airlines, there are benefits to flying business class, if you can get into that section. Business class is supposed to be the best thing for business travel. What many businesses don’t realize is that traveling on a private jet is one of the best options and allows you to expand your business.

While business travel on a private jet is a luxury perk to employees and owners alike, it’s not just about the luxury. The comfort, convenience, and privacy of a private jet throughout the entire experience make it worth every single penny.

Business travel done right.

Time-Efficient Business Travel

No trip is fun with delays and schedule constraints; business travel is even worse. You typically don’t have time to waste when on a business trip. You need to be there on time and even at times, last minute. Commercial flights have struggled since 2020 with delays and cancellations. TSA lines have been longer than ever. This means that you are leaving hours before your flight to make sure that you make it on time and then worry about handling business while at a busy airport.

With a private jet, you can show up 15 minutes before, not wait in line, and walk right onto your plane for an on-time takeoff. Your company gets to choose the time that you take off. Call Status Jet today to get your next business trip on a private jet: 469-423-6900.

Private Business Travel

Take your business travel private.

Traveling on public aircraft can definitely be an interesting experience, but not always in a good way. You are unlikely to find the privacy or personalized service you may desire while navigating airports and their sometimes overcrowded seating arrangements. While flying business class is sure to offer some luxuries, it isn't quite as exclusive of a journey compared with other options out there!

Get the best of both worlds by taking your business on a private jet. When you travel privately, you get all the privacy you need to conduct business. Don’t lose out on valuable work time just trying to get to a meeting. Conduct business and really focus on prepping for your meeting. Enjoy the convenience of working uninterrupted from any location with a private jet charter. That way, you can make progress on your important projects - whether it be discussing matters at hand or editing documents down to their final drafts!

Take Your Business to The Next Level

Step up your business game and take control of the wheel with a luxurious private jet. With endless possibilities for meetings during flights, why not make an unforgettable statement to potential partners? A charter aircraft ensures that you get quality time to close those important deals while maintaining a professional atmosphere throughout the entire journey. Treat yourself or your clients with outstanding comfort and convenience - just what it takes to stand out from other competitors!

Are you ready to expand your business travel with a private jet? Status Jet is ready to help you. Whatever your needs are to continue your business seamlessly in the air, Status Jet is here to help.
Call us today: 469-423-6900

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At Status Jet, we don't charge membership fees. Just call us and book your flight quickly and easily right now.  Whether you are looking for charter flights, searching for the perfect aircraft to buy, or interested in selling a plane, experience a new level of simplicity with Status Jet.
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