Hawker 800XP

The Hawker 800XP is an extremely versatile aircraft that can meet almost all of your business, corporate and private aircraft travel needs. The 800XP has a unique combination of range, operating characteristics and cabin size that can bring you and your business team, or family, to most transcontinental destinations in safety and comfort.

Why Consider a Hawker 800XP Charter?

The Hawker 800XP is the third version of Hawker’s 800 series and has become one of the safest and most economic business aircraft in the aviation industry. Outstanding landing and take performance, and relatively light weight means the aircraft can operate at over 1,000 U.S. airports with a 5,500-foot runway. This ensures that there is minimum “over the road” travel time between your originating location to the departure airport, and from your arrival airport to your ultimate destination, saving you time and energy.

The Hawker 800XP has a maximum passenger capacity of 8 passengers, and those passengers fly in luxury and comfort. The aircraft can carry four passengers from New York to Los Angeles nonstop during most enroute weather (wind conditions), while maintaining industry standard fuel reserves onboard (National Business Aviation Association, Instrument Flight Rules). Charter Hawker 800XP, and with one quick refueling stop along your travel route, the aircraft’s range and passenger capacity increases significantly, literally putting any continental destination within reach.

Long Reach and Short Distance Efficiency

A Hawker 800XP charter not only gives you the ability to reach far destinations, the aircraft has some of the most efficient short distance performance in its category. These multiple capabilities give you the flexibility to fly were you want and when you want, without the undue expense or operator hesitancy to make short distance flight. This means you can pick up or drop off passengers enroute or visit multiple destinations on one trip with only incremental additional costs. With a cruising speed of over 460 miles per hour, your trip will be over before you realize it.

Hawker 800XP: Your Office or Home in the Sky

One of the main features of charter aircraft travel is the comfort you experience as you fly. The 800 XP cabin’s height allows easy movement within the aircraft and is one of the ‘roomiest” cabins in its class. Charter Hawker 800XP for business and corporate travel and enjoy the benefits of an interior layout conducive to productive team meetings, enabling you to “fine tune” presentations and strategy enroute to your destination, and immediately analyze results and immediately engage in post event actions before you arrive at home or your next destination.

For most of your business, corporate and private aircraft travel needs, consider chartering an 800XP to see if this outstanding aircraft can meet you distance and passenger requirements, and then prepare to arrive in style and come home refreshed.

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